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Love it, Ted! You guys did a great job. I have been showing it off around the offices and getting rave reviews. Janice
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Bronze and Gold Star Wrestling, Male Award on Antique Bronze Finish Base
Price: $11.97 

Bronze and Gold Star LaCrosse, Female Award on Antique Bronze Finish Base
Price: $11.97 

NEW & "Exclusive" Shooting Star Spinner Riser Two-Tier Trophy. The activity insert actually spins! The unique top to bottom spinning motion is only available here! The spinning activity insert is complimented by the flowing contemporary Star design. WOW - your kids will not be able to put this unique award down! Choose from a multitude of stock activity insert designs or "Customize IT" with your organization's logo - or do both!!! Includes solid marble base, personalization plate and your choice of matching action figurine. Available in a multitude of stock column color options. Please specify activity insert, figure and column choices when ordering.
Price: $17.65 

A Beautiful Full Color Resin Drama Award mounted on a Black Finish Base and Designed with room for a Engraving Plate
Price: $9.54 

An Elegant Action Pose Bronze Finish Jockey on Thoroughbred Race Horse on Black Finish Base
Price: $206.34