Give Your Summer Trophies an Upgrade With Sculpture Trophies

For generations, summer sports have come to define childhoods, rec leagues, interoffice competitions, and more. While simple trophies, and medals have long been traditional end-of-season rewards, giving your winners and stand-out performers something more substantial to recognize their accomplishments goes a long way. Whether it’s an MVP trophy, a championship award, or even something to recognize an athlete being a category leader, finding a unique trophy that properly honors that player or team’s achievement is crucial.

Spike’s Trophies offers a wide range of trophies, awards, medals, and more to help you properly recognize your league’s top performers. For awards like these, utilizing a sculpture award to give these players a truly memorable trophy for their performance is a gesture that your teammates will come to appreciates well throughout the years. 

Diversifying the Trophies You Give Out

Whether it’s your kid’s little league or your local after-work softball league, handing out trophies to the winners, best players, and anything else you can think of can provide players with additional incentive to play through until the end of the season. While glass trophies and medals have been the gold standard for post-season awards, introducing a new variety can help keep interest and pride levels high in your players — no matter their age. 

If you want to give your players awards, trophies, and recognition honors, choosing drastically different styles from the other awards offered help highlight the importance of these accomplishments. Sculpture trophies can provide your league with recognition awards for the best performing players that are striking works of art just as much as they are tokens of recognition for a great season. 

Position Specific Awards

With games like baseball and softball, the sports offer an excellent combination of team-focused play and individual performances that help push the team forward. We have trophies highlighting hitters in midswing, pitchers delivering a strike to the plate, golden gloves to honor exceptional defensive efforts, and more that give your players the highest-quality awards to commemorate their season not just at the awards ceremonies, but for years to come. 

It’s Not Just Baseball and Softball Trophies

While baseball and softball have a long tradition of giving out sculpture trophies for the best performers, other sports have used this style to convey their highest honors. Basketball leagues can benefit from these unique trophies, highlighting defensive prowess, shooting ability, and individual excellence on the court. 

Individual sports can also benefit from high-quality sculpture trophies to give their participants something tangible to strive for beyond personal pride and recognition. We have awards for bodybuilders, bench press, general weightlifting, and more in male and female varieties.

Additionally, we have sculpture trophies available for fishing, cricket, tennis, surfing, and more to help give your upcoming leagues or tournaments something unique to play for. No matter the sport, having trophies to commemorate the occasion and fun that everyone had remains important. 

Order Your Sculpture Trophies from Spike’s Trophies Today!

Bringing new styles of trophies to your league to help breathe new life into your post-season trophy ceremonies is easier than ever with the help of Spike’s Trophies! Our team has a diverse inventory of specialized sculpture trophies that highlight unique sports, accomplishments, and dynamics of what makes each one great. Browse through our inventory and order your new specialized sculpture trophies today!