Meet Spike, our fun loving six and a half foot golden mascot! He loves celebrating everything from Little League Championships to birthday parties!

Height: 6'6"

Species: Unknown, but we are sure he is from Championship Stock!

Gender: Male

Skin Color: Shiny Gold

Birthday: July 14, 2005

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies:  Inspiring people to great heights, along with supplying a warm & fuzzy feeling.

Favorite Food: Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes 

Favorite Song: We Are the Champions

Favorite Movie: Rocky

Favorite Color: Gold

Favorite Event: Olympics 

Favorite Item of Clothing: The Green Jacket

Favorite Item of Jewelry: The Superbowl Ring

Friends: The Oscar, The Emmy, Heisman, Tony, and the Lombardi Trophy..... and of course, The Phanatic! 

Personality: Fun, caring character. He is always looking for a win/win situation. 

Education: Honorary Degree in Human Achievement 

Favorite Quote : "It's hard to beat someone who never quits" ~ Babe Ruth

Life Goal: To recognize and inspire greatness by recognizing outstanding achievements made by individuals and organizations.   


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