Medals Vs. Statues — Which Is Right for My Youth Sport?

Young kids who participate in sports often have a passion for them. They see themselves as the next big star on the way to success. What better way to increase that than to let them see how much they matter and what they have accomplished! When young athletes are awarded, their dreams should only grow. Sports awards come in all shapes and sizes. Youth football trophies are great but could you pass them out after your swim competition? No, you should make sure that you carefully consider what type of award you are giving your athletes before the end of the season. It can impact them and teach them many important life lessons along the way. 

Here are some ways to see what type of high-quality award is best for your team and athletes and what will help them feel appreciated so that you can have a group of hard working athletes.

Benefits of Youth Sport Awards

Sports are a big part of many kids’ lives, and having something to motivate them is essential. A team or an athlete who isn’t motivated will have difficulty competing and playing at their best. Even already motivated athletes can find an extra boost when they can visibly see their achievements. 

Medals and Trophies are a perfect example of an easy way to increase their confidence. By awarding your team members trophies or medals after games or competitions, you can help improve their participation and positivity, hopefully leading to a better working team or performing athlete. A great thing about sports awards is that they have many types. They range anywhere from youth football trophies to swim medals. This means you have plenty of choices when deciding what kind of award to choose. 

What Type of Award is Best for Your Sports Team? 

However, depending on your team, the type of award you should choose may vary. Youth football trophies are something that would be presented to a football team, while an individual athlete like a swimmer or sprinter may benefit more from a medal. Often individuals who play sports receive awards, while teams get trophies. Usually, you don’t often see football players receiving medals after a big game. Whether looking for youth football trophies or youth gymnastics medals, make sure you understand what sports award is best for your team. Here are some sports and what award would best suit them. 

  • Trophies are good for team sports such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, hockey, and other team sports. 
  • Medals are great for individual competing athletes who may be participating in a team but compete as one, such as in swimming, track and field, wrestling, gymnastics, ice skating, and other individual sports. 

Other Types of Awards To Consider

Yet, many other types of awards can be presented to your players and athletes. Participation trophies and MVP awards are two popular types of awards that can change how the typical award process usually goes.

  • Participation trophies: the players who don’t make it to first, second or third place still deserve praise for their competition. Participation trophies are a great way to help them feel appreciated. 
  • MVP award: a special award that one selected player on the team receives. Most Valuable Player is given to the individual who shows extreme performance and participation, and the choice is noted and decided upon carefully. This accomplishment might deserve a bigger award than just a small medal. 

There are many ways to get what type of award you desire, such as custom football trophies so that you can present your team exactly what they deserve. 

Choosing The Right Award Choice 

Whether you are looking for fun participation medals or meaningful youth football trophies, always make sure you are making the right choice when choosing where to purchase them. Here are Spike’s Trophies; we are dedicated to helping you pick the right award for you. We offer many options, from youth sports medals to desk awards. Contact us today and see how we can help you choose the perfect award for any occasion.