The Four Best Winter Sports for Team Building

Running the same team-building exercises and events can quickly lose their luster for companies looking to build improved camaraderie and rapport within their organization. These activities may begin to feel too similar and need to be more dynamic to hold your employees’ attention and involvement. Finding different ways to engage them, foster new relationships, and bolster existing ones can help boost team morale. However, finding things to do during the cold winter months can prove challenging — but not impossible. 

Choosing a winter sport or activity that can help bring your team together to work more cohesively doesn’t have to be complicated. You could also offer them unique custom trophies to commemorate their participation and accomplishments to make the experience more memorable. Here are some of the best winter sports for team building.

Axe Throwing

This less traditional option can appear overplayed on the surface; however, switching things up and forming a competitive interoffice league could help give your team something new to do. If you don’t have enough people to get a league going, don’t worry! You can have the people interested in an axe throwing sign up as a team and join an existing one! Most establishments have competitive leagues running and are looking for new groups to fill out the ranks. 

Indoor Soccer

One of the biggest knocks against soccer is the perceived lack of scoring. However, those concerns are a thing of the past with indoor soccer leagues! Playing the beautiful game in an indoor setting changes the dynamics of a match in myriad ways that help make the games more engaging and fun for even the most ardent soccer hater. 

You can find indoor soccer facilities in your area, rent the space for some matches or a tournament, and let your team members squad up for an intense indoor soccer tournament. You’ll have your entire office invested in the sport and outcomes — and you don’t have to wait four years for the next big tournament! You can even order customized soccer trophies to help give extra weight to your contest. 


Basketball is a game that people love to watch and think, “I could do that.” Let your employees prove who has the best handles in the office or the best three-point shot. Having a skills competition among your team members can help give them something to bond over, whether that’s friendly competition over the best jumper or jointly coming together and realizing their best scoring days are behind them. 


The true all-season sport, bowling is easy to pick up and play but challenging to master. Whether you have multiple people in the office that can consistently get over 200 or have people that have more fun letting the ball go and seeing what happens, a bowling league can help give your employees something to rally around. 

Bowling gives people a relatively even playing field to get into the lanes and encourages competition and camaraderie in a comfortable atmosphere. Coordinated bowling shirts are optional — but encouraged — to help make the event something to remember. Our memorable bowling trophies in Philadelphia, PA, can help give your players something more than bragging rights to chase after.

Give Your Company’s Winter Sports Leagues Something to Strive For

Giving your employees unique ways to interact with each other and engage in friendly competition can help give them new ways to forge friendships and make lasting connections. These winter sports leagues allow your team to get to know each other outside of the office and find common ground in unexpected ways. Spike’s Trophies can help sweeten the pot by giving them customized trophies in Philadelphia, PA

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